PRIVATE LABEL & Own Clothing Brand

PRIVATE LABEL & Own Clothing Brand

How To Start PRIVATE LABEL Clothing Line ?

How to Start Your Own Clothing Brand ?

Specimen of Clothing manufactured at our Garment Factory

B&S ACTIVEWEAR has been proudly serving the apparel Industry and has risen above the industry standards of Clothing manufacturer Midwest (Michigan) becoming the market leader.


As the market-leading clothing manufacturers Warren, Michigan has supported over 1000 Small to Medium Scale Clothing Brands in USA alone and around 10000 Small to Medium Scale Clothing Brands World Wide. We have witnessed many clothing brands starting from scratch and flourish in alliance with us.

 B&S ACTIVEWEAR also stands above and tall as one of the trusted custom clothing manufacturers globally and is recognized among the list of top Custom Clothing manufacturers Europe, Custom Clothing Manufacturers Canada and Custom Clothing manufacturers Australia.

For a clothing manufacturer, the parameter of ultimate success is when a private label clothing brand owner re-orders its stock and launches a variety of other designs of clothing. B&S ACTIVEWEAR is proud to represent and support such small clothing brands and ties its success with theirs.

As simple and easy it might sound but starting your clothing brand from scratch is a challenging process, and not everyone knows how to successfully run a private label clothing brand. Based on our experience, we have identified some key points that educate our clients about how they can effectively run their clothing business or how to start their own clothing business.


 Starting from the Idea to development and then finally launching your clothing brand we have listed down the steps taken by Successful Clothing Brands based on our research and data. For you to get an idea of how to start your own clothing brand.  


Step 1 – Deciding a niche for your clothing brand.

Starting an apparel brand is something close to one's self. You're likely to be a creative person with something unique to offer in a fast-moving industry. You may have found a market gap or have an innovative idea in mind for a specific customer segment.

No matter what your inspiration for starting a clothing line is it is important to set a niche that stands out from the rest.

It may be a specific style that you have in mind for your clothing brand or maybe it's just a clothing business that's founded out of a specific need or ethic, from premature infant accessories to cruelty-free clothing.

Know your niche, and keep it in mind. Even if you expand out or add a variety of other designs as time passes, the original concept gives you a legacy, a core value, and a purpose to be remembered by the customers.

Step 2: Creating a Brand Identity for your Clothing Brand (Start with designing a professional logo)

Once you have identified your clothing brand niche, next step would be getting a professionally designed logo for your clothing brand.

A logo is far more than just an image; it wouldn't be wrong to say that a logo is the face of the company and indeed the most important part of your clothing business's branding. It is very often the first thing a potential customer notices about your company; an identification point for customers. Therefore, A logo should represent your Clothing brand's value and legacy.

A well-designed logo is an effective way of communicating to potential customers that your clothing brand is high-quality, reliable, efficient, and offers quality products.


Step 3: Setting a budget for your Startup Clothing Business

One crucial point to ponder upon while deciding to start your clothing brand is to have a start-up budget. Your start-up budget does not necessarily have to be high. You can keep things simple during the initial days and start with a very minimal budget but you need to know how much you're going to spend in starting your company, you can call this initial investment your start-up money.

You can also pitch your clothing brand idea to an investor to make them put the seed money into starting your clothing brand. For this to happen you need to be 100% confident of your business idea to be unique.

At B&S ACTIVEWEAR our business consultants guide you on how to generate investments for your clothing brand startup, but this occurs after a successful production run. B&S ACTIVEWEAR is proud to declare that we've helped several clients display their product at Shark Tank, and have also officially launched their Kick starter company.

Once you have a dedicated budget for your startup clothing brand it is important to have a floor map of investing it in the right department. With years of experience, we have seen clothing brand startups with just $5000 investment grow immensely into giant clothing brands because of the right investment moves and brands with a hefty amount of investment going bankrupt because of their ill managed investment strategy.

To sum up it is not the amount of your budget that matters but the allocation of that budget that decides your company’s success.

With years of experience in the clothing manufacturing industry B&S ACTIVEWEAR has jot down a budget allocation framework which has proven to be successful for 90% of small clothing businesses that have launched in our alliances.


                         We advise you distribute your budget as follows:

  • - 5% into Administrative Spending's.
  • - 60% into Designing / Sampling / Manufacturing of the product
  • - 35% into marketing your product.

At B&S ACTIVEWEAR our team of certified relationship managers is all qualified to assist you with any sort of decision-making regarding your business. We do not only work as your manufacturing partners but also as your strategic business partners.


Step 4: Designing and Manufacturing of samples.

Now that you've settled on a certain budget and have finalized your logo, you'd need to move forward and get your clothing line designed. For this you might already have some ideas in mind but here's the tricky part, since your clothing ideas essentially depend on your budget, you don't just need designs that look good but also designs that sell well. Since this is the first time you're starting with a brand, you'd also have designs that create a trend and sell quickly in the market.

B&S ACTIVEWEAR has an in-house team of professional and talented fashion designers to provide you with the creative input based on your needs to create a hot-selling trendy clothing line.

Our Fashion Designers work with the clients to provide them with the most exclusive and popular selling items based on industry analysis. We make Mockups with full tech packs along with Digital Patterns and Fabric Recommendations.

Once your Apparel Design has been finalized, you'd need to get a sample to check the quality and measurements before proceeding with a large order. This sample may also be used to get the photo-shoot done for marketing purposes.


Step 5: Marketing and Selling Your Clothing Brand

Once you have approved a winning design for your clothing brand the next major challenge (besides ensuring that your products are made on time and within the budget) is to market your clothing line.

Having an intact marketing strategy is responsible for nearly 60 percent success in all businesses, and 80 percent success in the Clothing Industry.

If you've managed it to the stage where you're planning out your marketing strategy and finding out how best to advertise your clothing brand, then you've already made significant progress with your business. If you are still lost and don’t know where to start with the marketing B&S ACTIVEWEAR has a plan for you. Follow with the framework described below and start marketing and selling your clothing brand today.

                Sales & marketing IDEA

1-Setup an online shop for your clothing line

 (E-commerce Website for your clothing brand):

At this point you must start with building your clothing brand website to showcase and sell your clothing line. Your brand website is the most essential feature to get right when marketing your clothing brand to new online audiences as it serves as an online window for the brand.

If you’re thinking to not have website you’re missing on a major opportunity as a website serves as an online shop for your brand with 1000’s of customers surfing the internet every day you might not want to limit your brand on conventional selling methods only.

So, you purchased your web domain and created a server and web hosting, but then what? You now have to decide how much of website development you could perhaps do yourself and how much of it you need help with. Moving to a website setup, you will need to remember some important points that include but are not limited to:

  • -Web Design
  • -Photography/Photo Editing
  • -Copy writing
  • -SEO Knowledge
  • -Google Analytics

B&S ACTIVEWEAR has all the resources, expertise & experience to successfully undertake the entire website development and management for your clothing brand. We have an in-house team of proficient and skilled web designers and developers who have launched more than 100 clothing brands that have manufactured their products with us. We not only serve as the manufacturing partners but can also work as your marketing partners.


2- Start with being present on social media.

Social media has become a key marketing tool for clothing brands. The global online fashion market is expected to grow to $872 billion by 2023, and 74% of customers depend on social media to help them make buying decision. Every social media platform should be utilized for specific business objectives, and this method of advertising should not be overlooked merely for getting a few social media accounts and posting them on Instagram or Facebook without a strategy. To run your clothing brand, you must have a bulletproof social media marketing strategy.

Having a robust social media strategy for your clothing brand can help you with increasing brand awareness for your clothing brand, connect with your audience, Implementing advertising campaigns and Drive traffic to your website. It is also essential to make use of this online space to make sure you stay updated with what your competitors are doing.

B&S ACTIVEWEAR has all the resources, expertise & experience to successfully undertake the entire Social Media Marketing and management for your clothing brand. We have an in-house team of proficient and skilled Digital marketers who have helped us market more than 100 clothing brands that have manufactured their products with us. We not only serve as the manufacturing partners but can also work as your marketing partners.

3- Continuous product development

Now that you have successfully launched your clothing brand digitally and have sold your first clothing inventory, your chances of success have already increased to more than 60%. Now is the time when you need to make the decision to re-invest your profit in business and increase your customer base.

Looking at the success of your startup clothing brand you might get a lot of investors approach because many venture capitalist firms are enthusiastically look for successful clothing entrepreneurs to level up as a brand.